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What we offer

Exespand’s comprehensive property maintenance services in Yeovil offer a range of solutions to keep your house or building in top-notch condition.

Our offerings include painting, cleaning, gardening, renovation, carpentry, roofing, flooring, windows, doors, gutters, and more, ensuring both commercial & domestic maintenance and building repair needs are met. Whether it’s for a house or commercial premises, our commercial services and home services are designed to maintain the pristine condition of your property.

Take a look at some of our services below to understand how we can assist you.

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Property Maintenance Services in Yeovil

Yeovil, a town with a rich blend of historical and modern structures, demands a versatile approach to property maintenance. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of Yeovil’s varied properties, ensuring both residential and commercial buildings are maintained to the highest standard.

Exterior Maintenance Services

Our exterior maintenance services, including painting, cleaning, and roofing, are tailored to protect and rejuvenate the exterior of your property in Yeovil. We focus on preserving the building’s integrity and enhancing its curb appeal, regardless of its age or architectural style.

Interior Maintenance Services

The interior maintenance of your property is crucial. Our services cover flooring, window and door installations, and more, ensuring your space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable, whether it’s a historic home or a modern commercial space.

Expert Carpentry Services

Our carpentry services in Yeovil are extensive. We handle everything from precise door fittings to resolving creaking floors, and custom woodwork. Our skilled carpenters are adept at both traditional techniques and modern designs, ensuring your carpentry needs are met with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Gardening and Landscaping

In Yeovil, our gardening and landscaping services are designed to enhance your property’s outdoor appeal. We create and maintain beautiful gardens and landscapes that complement both the property and the surrounding environment, adding value and beauty to your space.

Renovation Services

Our renovation services in Yeovil encompass a wide range of projects. We focus on updating and revitalising properties while respecting their original character, ensuring renovations blend seamlessly with the existing architectural style.

Roofing, Flooring, Windows, and Doors

We provide specialised services in roofing, flooring, windows, and doors, ensuring these critical aspects of your property are in top condition. Our expertise covers various materials and styles, suited to both Yeovil’s traditional and contemporary properties.

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