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Comprehensive Solutions for North Devon Properties

What we offer

Exespand’s comprehensive property maintenance services offer a range of solutions to keep your house or building in top-notch condition.

Our offerings include painting, cleaning, gardening, renovation, carpentry, roofing, flooring, windows, doors, gutters, and more, ensuring both commercial & domestic maintenance and building repair needs are met. Whether it’s for a house or commercial premises, our commercial services and home services are designed to maintain the pristine condition of your property.

Take a look at some of our services below to understand how we can assist you.

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Specialised Property Care in Barnstaple

In Barnstaple, a key hub in North Devon, property maintenance needs to be as dynamic and diverse as the properties themselves. Our services in Barnstaple are specifically tailored to cater to the various types of properties, from residential rentals to commercial buildings, ensuring they are well-maintained and functional.

Landscaping Services

Our landscaping services in Barnstaple and the broader North Devon area focus on enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. We provide comprehensive landscaping solutions, from garden design and maintenance to larger landscaping projects, ensuring your outdoor area complements the property and its surroundings.

Rental Property Maintenance

For rental properties in Barnstaple, our maintenance services are designed to keep your investments in top condition. We understand the importance of maintaining and improving rental properties to attract and retain tenants, and we offer regular maintenance services to ensure tenant satisfaction and property value.

Painting Services

Our painting services in Barnstaple are top-notch, offering both interior and exterior painting solutions. We use high-quality materials and employ skilled painters to ensure a flawless finish that not only refreshes the look of your property but also provides long-lasting protection against the elements.

General Maintenance

Our general maintenance services in Barnstaple cover a wide range of needs, from routine checks and repairs to more complex maintenance tasks. We strive to ensure that every aspect of your property is functioning optimally, providing a safe and comfortable environment.

Building Maintenance: Expert Care for Your Structures

We offer specialised building maintenance services in Barnstaple and across North Devon.
Our team of experts is equipped to handle structural maintenance, repairs, and renovations, ensuring that your building remains safe, efficient, and aesthetically appealing.

Planning for Long-Term Property Upkeep?