New Building defects

New Building defects

Whether your home is a new-build or an older property, building defects can be a nuisance for both of them and if not detected and rectified as soon as possible they can have long-lasting effects on the property. Both skill, expertise, knowledge and professional experience is needed to establish the cause and be able to recommend an accurate remedy to correct the issue.

How We Can Help Stop Defects

As an expert team of tradesmen & women, we want to make sure your home is in safe hands from the moment we step onto your amazing property. 

We have a bespoke process that we carry out on all homes new or old to make sure that everything is in ship shape. 

Our inspections are quick, precise and straight to the point in respect to what’s causing the fault and how to fix it.

Consider getting in touch with our specialist team today to see what the guys here at Exe-spand can do for you!

Who we work with

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We provide all our customers with a free no-obligation quote based on the actual work required. Our team of specialists will discuss your requirements and suggest the most efficient way to achieve them.