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Specialised Property Maintenance in Dawlish

In Dawlish, a coastal town known for its picturesque landscapes and serene beaches, maintaining properties to the highest standard is essential for preserving their charm and functionality. Our comprehensive property maintenance services in Dawlish are designed to cater to the unique needs of both residential and commercial properties, ensuring they remain well-cared for and retain their appeal.

What we offer

Exespand’s comprehensive property maintenance services offer a range of solutions to keep your house or building in top-notch condition.

Our offerings include painting, cleaning, gardening, renovation, carpentry, roofing, flooring, windows, doors, gutters, and more, ensuring both commercial & domestic maintenance and building repair needs are met. Whether it’s for a house or commercial premises, our commercial services and home services are designed to maintain the pristine condition of your property.

Take a look at some of our services below to understand how we can assist you.

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A Great Property Maintenance Solution in Dawlish

Effective Repair Service

We provide a broad range of repair services in Dawlish, addressing issues from minor fixes to more extensive repairs. Our experienced team ensures that your property remains in excellent condition, maintaining both its safety and integrity.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Our plumbing and electrical services in Dawlish are comprehensive, covering everything from routine maintenance to complex installations and emergency repairs, ensuring these vital systems function efficiently and safely.

Roofing Services

We offer a range of roofing services in Dawlish, including maintenance, repairs, and new installations. Our team ensures that your roof provides essential protection against the coastal elements while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your property.

Carpentry and Flooring

Our carpentry and renovation services in Dawlish are delivered by skilled professionals. From custom carpentry projects to full-scale renovations, we focus on quality craftsmanship, ensuring each project aligns with your vision and enhances the value and functionality of your property.

Interior & Exterior Maintenance

We provide thorough interior and exterior maintenance services in Dawlish, including window and door servicing, flooring and wall care, and appliance maintenance. Our aim is to ensure every aspect of your property is well-maintained and in excellent condition.

Handyman Services

Our handyman services in Dawlish offer flexible solutions for various property maintenance tasks. Whether you need minor repairs, fixture installations, or general upkeep, our professional handymen are equipped to handle a range of jobs efficiently.

Landscaping & Gardening Services

Our landscaping and gardening services in Dawlish focus on enhancing the natural beauty of your property. We offer everything from routine garden maintenance to elaborate landscape designs, helping your outdoor spaces flourish and complement the coastal environment of Dawlish.

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