Property maintenance

Property maintenance

We offer a wide range of services through our dedicated in-house team and also employ specialist suppliers when required to provide a comprehensive, whole-house refurbishment capability.

With over 25 years of industry experience, you can be sure to be in safe hands with the Exe-spand team!

Affordable and Dependable

Many people choose to fix homes themselves after all DIY has been a common practice for as long as we can remember from fixing your own leaky taps to plastering walls yourselves we are all on that train with you.
But what happens if you simply cannot keep up with the demand and you need an extra hand or two?

Here at Exe-Sapand, we are here to be that extra hand that you need! 
With a bespoke team of property maintenance managers, you can be sure that we will fix any and all issues around your
home even down to the smallest of tasks like cutting the grass you can be sure that your home is in safe hands!

What Services Do you Offer?

When it comes to property maintence we offer the following services:


Grass Cutting

Our services in this vast category include mowing lawns, strimming and undertaking other parts of lawn care. We will get on with the job without leaving a mess.

Painting and decorating

Again, this is a broad category. It includes painting and decorating interior and exterior surfaces as well as hanging paper, spray painting and varnishing.


We can prepare sub-surfaces through various means, including conducting ground investigations and substructure and ground stabilisation works. We can also complete site services such as putting in place utilities connections like drainage.

Roof cleaning

As moss, lichen and algae accumulate on your roof, they can disrupt how rainwater flows across the surface, resulting in a self-perpetuating problem. However, we can stop it in its tracks.

And Much More......


We provide all our customers with a free no-obligation quote based on the actual work required. Our team of specialists will discuss your requirements and suggest the most efficient way to achieve them.