Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions

Maybe your garage is not being used except to hoard clutter? Convert it into a playroom for the kids? Cinema room? Office? or even that much needed extra bedroom?

Exe-Spand is here to help you envision your new space and make it a new dream place to be!

Does a Garage Conversion Require Planning Permission?

Garage conversions will usually fall under permitted development as well-particularly if you’re not altering the actual structure. Although it is always advisable to check with your local council, as sometimes conditions may be attached to the garage such as it may have to remain as parking. You would often be able to apply to have these conditions removed if necessary. Other considerations may be a change of use particularly if the garage is a separate, stand-alone building.

*** Please note, rules and regulations are constantly changing to its worth getting in touch and arranging for us to come and see you. ***

As always Exe-Spand can advise on your options for your Garage when we come out to see you.


We provide all our customers with a free no-obligation quote based on the actual work required. Our team of specialists will discuss your requirements and suggest the most efficient way to achieve them.